I’ve had a couple of full days at home now, and I think I’m beginning to get a bit more rested. This morning was the third morning in a row that my wife was up before me… In three and a half years of marriage, I think that’s a record ❗ We went out to visit the folks a couple of days ago, to help my Ma set up her shiny new computer. Got most of the things transferred over.. or at least started as it then announced that it would take 13 hours to complete it 😯 We had to leave it to it’s own devices, as we didn’t intend to stay overnight πŸ˜† In the morning we got an update.. the transplant had been a success, she had even been online and downloaded a new driver for her printer, but for some reason her email wasn’t working properly. She could receive emails but not send them. After some calls trying to diagnose over the phone, we made a quick dash out. Once there we managed to sort it out in about five minutes… not her email program, not her email server, not her dial up connection, but her anti-virus program that seemed to be upsetting things. Anyway, alls well that ends… πŸ˜† And the dogs were happy to see their granda again. Tomorrow it’s their turn to visit us ❗ . The dogs will be happy again. I think tomorrow may be a “take it easy” day, but I really should start making a dent in the old job-list on Monday πŸ˜‰

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