One thing that I forgot to mention in the last posting was our brief moment of panic during the morning chores. 😯 I had been out in the barn giving the goats their morning hay, when I heard one of the kids bawling. I looked round and the little black angora kid was running towards me soaking wet and streaming water all over the place. Apparently she had just jumped into one of the horse troughs that I’d only just broken the ice on. Obviously she managed to jump out again too! I grabbed her and wrapped her up in my shirt and ran into the shed, calling to Dazzle to get a towel. Dazzle had to towel dry the kid, then wrapped her up in a fresh towel and held her for a while to warm her up til she had stopped shivering. We had decided to call this kid ‘Raven’, and she’s running around with the other kids, none the worse for her dip, and the event did distract us for a while and take out minds off the impending court cases ❗

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