This Friday 13th was a really busy one for us. Not only was it Dazzle’s 40th Birthday, for which we had a party planned in the evening, but we also had two cases at the small claims court in the afternoon. Both cases involved vehicles. The first was a Mk 1 VW Rabbit (Golf in the UK) convertible that we’d paid for but never got, the second was a ’76 Ford Bronco, that we’d sold, but never got any money for. The first case we won by default, as the defendant never turned up (much as I thought would happen, actually!) So, he’ll be issued with papers to pay the compensation or supply his work and bank details or else he’ll be in Contempt of Court. The second case went into mediation, which got the result we wanted, he’ll now have to start making payments or else he’ll be in Contempt of Court. We could also reposes the vehicle if he defaults, but frankly we’d rather he sold the vehicle a paid us what he owes us. So after our victories in court, it was a mad dash back up the mountain to gegt the evening chores done, get showered and changed, then back down to Dazzle;s party. There weren’t as many people there as we’d hoped (or planned for) but every one that was there seemed to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

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