I’ve been on leave for about 10 days now, and quite a lot has happened. We still have five new kids (although not the same five that were here when I arrived, as one didn’t survive, but we’ve had another arrival since.) The three oldest kids (a pair of twins and a single) are milk goat / angora crosses, and are varying shades from pure white, through slightly red/brown, to quite a lot of red/brown. We’ve decided to call them (in light to dark order!) Clover, Honey (short for honeysuckle) and Poppy. The surviving black angora is called Raven, and the newest arrival (yesterday lunch-time!) a white angora we’ve called Sarah. Sarah appears to have been rejected by her mother, so she is now spending a lot of time in a play-pen in the shed being meticulously watched by a number of dogs in between her bottle feedings. We turned our backs briefly, after instructing Rowan (a huge Anatolian shepherd) to ‘guard the goatie’ and returned to find the 160 pound dog[b][i] in[/i][/b] the play pen with the 4 pound goat kid. Aside from the kids and all the usual chores, there have been a couple of jobs slowly getting crossed off the ‘jobbie list’, but I guess I’ll shortly be getting to the ‘prioritize’ stage as I’ll soon have less than a week to go before I’m off on my travels again.

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