Well, we had lots of running about today, but I guess there were good reasons behind it. I had a quick dash out to the folks today to collect some stuff, and when I arrived back home Dazzle asked if I wanted to go to Forres.. Hmmm If only I’d known that sooner as the Folks place was half way there! Anyhoo, the reason for going to Forres was that we had an offer for our vehicle (which we were having to sell before moving) The offer was less than we would have liked, but more tht we thought we were going to have to end up taking, AND (the real plus) as the buyer was a car dealer who needed the model we had for a customer, he was willing to throw in a courtesy car until we leave. So off we headed to Forres where we sadly parted company from Dazzle’s car 🙁 The courtesy car is an automatic.. 😯 well, I guess that’ll give me a little practice with an automatic before I have to drive the Suburban in the US ❗ Of course, with the mad dash to go and excahnge cars we forgot another erand tht was supposed to be happening in the afternoon, so after returning with the new car I had to drop Dazzle off the hit the road again.. Still, all’s well that ends… hahaha

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