Wow, has it really been almost four weeks since I last put an entry in my journal ❓ ❓ It’s a good job that no-one is counting I guess ❗ 😆 Okay, so what has happened in the last month… well, we had Christmas on board the ship… we arrived in Newcastle.. We did the annual certification and testing… we had the New Year (the ‘driest’ New Year that I can remember 🙁 )… We loaded out the last of the products for the Chinguetti project and then I got off the boat and came home.. That was a week ago. So, I’ve been home a week, and what have I acheived there… hmmm… not a lot that I can think of, although my office IS probably tidier than it’s been for years, which may have something to do with the 3 tons of “stuff” that I’ve thrown out… talk about magpie..

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