Whoops, two weeks since my last posting in my journal… So what’s happened in the last 14 days ❓ Well, quite a lot actually… At home, the removal people came to the house and packed up all the contents, of course, I had to leave in the middle of that to return to the Perseus again. Then Dazzle had to crate up the dogs for the start of their journey (little jet-setters that they are ❗ ) First they were off down to a kennels near Heathrow, where they were boarded overnight. The following day, they had all their health checks, then another night in the kennels. The next day, the first lot were boarded onto a BA flight from Heathrow to Detroit, where Dazzle and her Dad picked them up, and the day after that it was the same for the remaining pups. Dazzle of course, left the house the day after the pups, and flew straight over to Michigan (she said that we didn’t need to put HER in the kennels! πŸ˜€ ) I’m sure that Dazzle will fill in more of the “travelling to Michigan saga” in her own journal later 😯 Yesterday, Dazzle had her tummy-tuck operation and she’s now back recuperating at her parents house in the company of the furry ones, and again, I’m sure there will be more from her on that subject once she’s feeling a bit better and up to moving around a bit. Yesterday was also the entry date for the new owners of our old house, and, just before 11PM the Perseus left Mauritania, having completed her work-scope on the Chinguetti Project, bound for first Pointe Noire in the Congo and then onto Lobito in Angola. So, with Dazzle and all the dogs now in Michigan, I guess that it really is official that we’ve started our ’emigration’. I use quotes there as I, myself, will still be doing a lot of travelling in and out of the UK and I’m still going to be, at least on paper, officially resident there. It’s funny that, for as long as we’ve planned it, the reality of it seemed to hit rather suddenly. I’m sure that there are a lot of things that we wanted to do together in the UK that we never got around to, and I do wonder if we’ll ever get the chance to again. One thing that we did do was have a last night out at our favourite Italian restaurant. πŸ˜‰

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