Things have not been going well since my last journal entry. So much for my resolution to update more frequently 🙄 We had a fire on-board the ship. Quite a small fire, in a confined space but very intense. The fire fighting team got it under control quite quickly, but due to the intensity of the fire they had to use the sea-water fire hoses to put it out, after CO2 and dry-power extinguishers wouldn’t. Unfortunately the area that the fire was in was a small room where we not only kept a lot of spare parts, but also housed the control and power units for the cable-lay carousels. So, we’ve had a busy week, trying to salvage what we can from the spares, get the control system cleaned up and try to devise a plan for testing it in a safe way. 😯 Needless to say, all of this, on top of the problems that we’ve had on previous trips is making me think I must have a bit of a jinx ❗ I guess it goes without saying that I’m really looking forward to the end of this trip and getting back home for a rest and some fun with Dazzle 😈

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