Just when you thought it was safe ❗ 😀 Of course, everyone is blaming the project engineer, who, obviously in a fleeting moment of naivety, was heard to utter the words “well, there’s nothing else that can go wrong” Yup, the only thing that was wrong were his words ❗ It now seems like, since those immortal words passed his lips, nothing has gone right. Instead of the ship now being headed for Fourchon, project completed, we’re shortly going to be headed for Galveston for an enforced lay-over waiting for a subsea spool-piece to be repaired. The whole thing raises interesting 😕 questions for us. We had been intending starting our annual equipment re-certification. We may still be able to do that, only at the end of it eveything will have to be put back the way it is at the moment, instead of being changed for the next project. A task that will then have to be done later. More work for us 👿 Home never looked better ❗ and hopefully, I’ll still get off the boat on the 15th

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