It’s now “Day 34” and I’m still on the Perseus. We did have a brief moment earlier in the week, when we saw the light at the end of the tunnel.. yet again, it turned out to be the on-coming train ❗ We’ve had a mega-frantic few days, trying to get annual certification completed in a greatly reduced time frame, and we’re now back out on the job. Some things still outstanding, but they’ll have to be completed by the next crew after the “de-mob” 😈 The good news is that I have received my travel details, but the telling time will be the next 24 hours. If all goes well with the project in the next day I should be homeward bound again by the middle of the week, a day later than I had hoped for, but home is home is where dazzle is 😀 It’s been another very hard trip again with one thing or another. I did tell my boss that I was putting in a request for a “quiet” trip next time. Next thing on the horizon will be my “offshore survival course” Every time I do it, I count the number of “more” times I have to do it till I retire.. sad or what ❓ 😆 (Theoretically, maybe only once after this one, but probably two)

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