Another journal entry that I seem to have taken some time before posting. I really should get into the habit of updating more often ❗ Well, what all has been happening. We’re progressing with the current project, successfully install the umbilical that we had to do, but then the ship developed a thruster problem and we had to sail to Mobile, Alabama to go into dry-dock. Two days there, and then back out to the field again. The weather isn’t particularly good again at the moment, but we should still be getting things done. The good thing is that the light is starting to appear at the end of the tunnel as regards to the trip, and I should soon be homeward bound again. It’ll be the first time for a while that I’ve actually been going HOME after a trip ❗ I’m really looking forward to being at home for more than a few days this time. I have enjoyed my last two leaves, with our trips to Michigan and Colorado, but it will be nice to have the whole leave at home, who knows, I may even get some more jobs done around the house, a task that has been sadly neglected in the last five months or so 😉 It’ll be nice too, to spend some time with Dazzle and the puppies

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