I can’t believe that its over a week since my last journal entry.. where did the time go ❓ hahha The boat is still heading steadily westward. The weather in the last week, up until yesterday, had been very good. It turned a bit yesterday, with more wind and bigger waves, but not bad enough to hinder us too much. Although it did occur to me that we are in the “Bermuda Triangle” at the moment. 😯 Late today, or tomorrow, we should be within sight of the Bahamas, then Florida shortly after. Once past the Florida Keys we’re into the Gulf of Mexico with only a couple of days to Fourchon in Louisiana. Plans are being made for the up-coming crew change, so every one seems to have a lighter step 😆 and I should know later today what the flight arrangements are for my homeward journey after my excursion to Colorado. Waiting patiently ( 😆 ) for that news, as I can’t get my flights from New Orleans to Colorado Springs organised until I know whether I have to come back or not. At least we’re safe in the knowledge that we’re into the last week of the trip and all the chores that that brings. Final catch up and tidy up, so things are in good shape for the guys coming back ❗

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