Well, Christmas has been and gone. We did have celebrations onboard the ship, but it wasn’t the same as being at home with Dazzle (or away with Dazzle, even!) The ships cook put on a really good spread, so at least the over-eating was the same ❗ Progress in the sail has been a bit bumpy, as we’ve had a little rough weather. We sailed past the Azores two days ago, which is probably the only land we’ll see until we arrive in the US. We’ll be celebrating the New Year on-board ship at midnight, but the year will be 2 hours old in the UK by then 😕 The cook s putting on a buffet for midnight, and I dare say that the ships klaxon will be making itself heard then too. So, I’ll say good night to my journal.. no more entries til NEXT year! 😆 in the mean time,

Happy New Year to you all..

Here’s tae Us,

Fa’s like Us?

Damn Few, An They’re a’ Deid!

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