We passed the Florida Keys this morning, not close enough to see anything, but close enough to pick up FM radio, which surprised me, unless it was down to weather conditions. Not that the weather is any good at the moment, feels like we’re in the North Sea rather than the Gulf of Mexico 😯 (okay, the North Sea in summer time 😉 ) I’ve had to monitor the test pressures and temperature in the umbilicals during the transit, and the temperature on deck today was 6 degrees less than yesterday, the coolest it’s been since we got out of the Bay of Biscay and headed out across the Atlantic. The clock changes onboard again tonight, and that’ll be us on CST, 6 hours behind the UK. So at least when I get to Colorado I’ll only have to change one more hour. We’ve had a few minor disasters in the last couple of days, but we’ve got on top of them and managed to do a complete function test on all the equipment. At least now we can hand it over to the on-coming crew, safe in the knowledge that it’s all working as it should. All the usual signs are in place that we must be getting to the end of our trip. I haven’t had final confirmation of my flights yet, but travel from the ship has been arranged and our hotel for the night in New Orleans, so I guess we must be getting there ❗

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