I’ve now been back on the boat for three days and yet again it feels like I haven’t been away from it! The trip out wasn’t too bad, although getting through Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris was a nightmare, so much so, that I made it but my holdall didn’t ❗ None of the guys who were traveling from Aberdeen had their bags make it to the final destination (so far, at least) We are hopeful that they should be joing us shortly. Normally lost bags arrive on the next flight, but from Paris to Nouakchott there is only four flights a week and the next flight after ours was cancelled due to a national one day strike in France. ( 👿 Hmmmm… I don’t think I’ll say anything else on the subject of France ❗ ) Anyway, once we arrived in Nouakchott, (luggage-less.. oh yes, I wasn’t going to say anything else on that subject 😕 ) we were flown out by helicopter to the boat and when we arrived we found out the the boat was actually going to be returning to port in a few hours anyway 😕 So we are now back in port, waiting for the wind to drop a little so that we can start to get the big cable reels transfered from the heavy lift barge onto the ship. (At least it means that we’ll still be here when our bags arrive… DoH ❗ ) Everybody seems to have settled back into the routine on the boat, though things are perhaps a little slower paced as we get aclimatised to the heat again. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like returning home from these temperatures to a Scottish november 😯 Dazzle was having some-one come today to have a look at the house, so “we” (as everybody on the boat seems to have been asking how the sale was going) are waiting with bated breath to get her news on the subject ❗

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