It’s the early hours of tuesday morning now, and as I’m only doing a 4 week trip this time, I guess I’m officially half way through it 😀 I did finally get my bag. It must have decided to have a short break in Paris, as it was a week before I got it. But I guess the important this was that I DID get it and not only that, but everything that had been in it was still there ❗ Getting updates from Dazzle, there has not been a great deal of progress with the house. 🙁 She has had three viewings (all of whom seemed to like the house) but no further progress. The schedule HAS been downloaded a lot from the solicitors web-site, so at least there are people out there who must be interested enough to go that trouble, hopefully some will decide that it looks nice enough to follow up on. Dazzle DID make an exceptionally good call though when she decided to instruct the builder to start some things in Colorado. What progress that can be made there, now, could end up eradicating a window of time where we thought that we wouldn’t be able to move if we recieved an offer over December-February. The project has been progressing on the boat. I am on nightshift, so I’m not quite sure what the temperatures are like during the day-time, but they’re hardly droping below the 80’s at night. That level of heat tends to make even the simplest of jobs a bit of a chore, especially as the company policy dictates a great deal more clothing that one would normaly wear in conditions like that! 😆 The other major news, work wise, was that Saturday was day 183, meaning that from Sunday I was on “Double Bubble”, extra money on top of my salary. All of which will be greatly welcome, particularly if we DO get an offer shortly. Well, actually I suppose, it’ll be very helpful without the offer as it does mean the possibility of further progress in Colorado BEFORE we get the house sold. Which can’t be a bad thing 😆 Anyway, on double bubble, project going well and half way through the trip. I guess the next landmark will be on Saturday when I’ll be down to ‘single figures’ for getting off the boat. ahaha, talk about wishing your life away ❗ 🙂

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