Well, this is a belated entry, as I have been back on the boat for 10 days now. The travel to New Orleans was uneventfull this time, but problems with the crew-change helicopters meant that, for the second trip in a row, it was an extra night in the hotel before joining. Similar problems affected this weeks crew-change with the on-coming crew being delayed for three days before finally making it on-board and the home bound guys starting their journey having lost almost half a week of their leave. All of these happenings mean that I’ll have to keep an eye on things and try to judge it right as, on my next leave, I’ll be paying for my own flights up to Colorado and using the company flights to get me back to the UK towards the end of my leave. Talking about my leave, I’ve been thinking already about the things that are top of the ‘to-do’ list, as I’ll only have three weeks to get some more things done. I did have a lazytime of it at the start of my last leave and paid the price later on with so much that I should really have got done. I must make sure tht I don’t fall into that trap again. Dazzle is saying that she thinks Blizzard is missing me. It’s nice to know that I’m important to her (Blizzard that is, as I REALLY hope that I’m important to Dazzle!) but poor Blizzard hasn’t experienced me coming and going yet, like the other animals have, and so doesn’t realise that I’ll be back. The project that the ship is on at the moment isn’t going so well. A lot of it is largely ‘fill-in’ work as the client is paying to keep the vessel on hire before the next major work-scope. I don’t know if it’s because things have been planned at short notice or if they’ve just been poorly planned but things just aren’t working out the way they’re supposed too!

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