I’m only just past the halfway mark of the trip, but already thinking about home! Flights have been sorted out both for the start and towards the end of my leave. This time I’ll be returning to the UK at the end of my leave, for some time with my folks. As the UK is my official residence, the company would normally get me flights at the end of my trip from where I get off the boat back to Aberdeen. This time, at my request, they’ve booked the flights three weeks into my leave and from Colorado Springs instead of New Orleans (no skin of their nose, as there isn’t a major difference in the prices). I’ve booked the flights for myself to take me from New Orleans to Colorado Springs when I get off the boat, so now I’m all set. Just a pity that it’s still almost two weeks away! 😆 I have had some ‘interesting’ experiences in the past, trying to book flights online. ‘expedia’ was always my website of choice, but then, once I started booking things when I was out of the UK, I encountered some problems. expedia.com only takes bookings for flights if you have a credit card with a US billing address. expedia.co.uk will only give you electronic tickets if your journey starts in the UK. If it starts elsewhere they want to send you paper tickets, which is really not a lot of good if you’re not at home! So the best compromise I’ve found it to use expedia (either .com or .co.uk) to find the cheapest flight for the route and dates that you want, then go to that airlines own website and book the tickets there. It’s a bit of a round about way of doing things, but it gets you to your destination!

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