Things changed yesterday, mainly the weather! The first crew-change helicopter came and hovered for a long time before landing on the ship. The weather worsened quite a bit between the first and second helicopters and when the second one did arrive (two hours after it was supposed to) it hovered and while the pilot was watching two really large swells went through and he called off the landing. So the helicopter returned to the beach and myself and four others were left, rather disappointed, on-board. The helicopter is supposed to be back first thing this morning so perhaps we will have better luck. I would say that the weather may be a little worse that it was when the first helicopter anded (it certainly isn’t any better) but it is better than it had been when the second flight arrived yesterday. The whole thing has a a knock-on effect with my flights up to Colorado, and the co-ordinator is try to get new flights organised, but I won’t know until just before I leave on the helicopter what they are, either later on today or tomorrow.

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