Tonight is my last shift of the trip, so it’s the usual tasks of finishing writing my hand-over notes and making sure that I’ve done everything I was supposed too! It’s still looking like a helicopter tomorrow morning, though for a brief period today it seemed that we might be going into port (I guess that could still happen yet, but looking less likely). A day of mixed fortunes, well no, not really, actually not a particularly good day. One of the ROV’s has had a problem with their winch, so the ships crane had to be used to do an emergency recovery. The ROV is now sitting in the middle of the back deck instead of under it’s ‘A-frame’ until the ‘rovlings’ can fix their winch. A test on the rapidly modified contingency clamp was a good deal less than successful, so it could be back to the drawing board on that one. All in all, I think I’ll be glad to get off! I’ll be staying overnight in New Orleans and flying up to Colorado first thing on Friday morning. Looking forward to getting home to my Dazzle!

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