Into the last week of my trip now. Usually this is when we like things to be winding down, unfortunately, on this occasion we have a lot of activities and planning to do for the demobilization of the project and the transit back to Europe. We’ve completed our work-scope for the BP Atlantis project and now we’re on to trying to recover the umbilical that was lost earlier in the year. One piece of news that we have had since my last entry is the official announcement of a New Build ship for the company. This is the widely anticipated replacement for the Toisa Perseus which is a chartered vessel. The day after the press release from Subsea7, the Merwede Shipyard had some of the preliminary specifications on their website

It’s still some way away, but this COULD be ‘my’ new boat 😉 No name has been announced for it yet, but the company’s new ships so far have been called “Seven Spray”, “Seven Sisters”, “Seven Atlantic”, “Seven Oceans” and “Seven Seas”….. “Seven Puddles” anyone?

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