I’m at the half way point in my ‘trip’ now, but I’ve been away from Dazzle and the puppies for almost a month what with my journey to the UK and my survival course. 😥 The ship is in port at the moment – it should have departed over 2 hours ago- and we are having thruster problems. Not what we really needed at this time. We’re on the final leg of this project, BP Atlantis, and also almost at the end of this campaign of work in the Gulf of Mexico. When we do get out to the field, we have two umbilicals to install and a hand full of ‘Steel Flying Leads’ that connect the umbilicals and wellheads together. When that is completed, the only outstanding off-shore task is the recovery of the ROV umbilical that was lost during my last trip on-board. Then we will be into port to off load anything that has to stay in the US, load everything that has to be returned to Europe (at which point, I’ll be “jumping ship”) and the Perseus will be on her way back across the Atlantic, first to Norway to off-load the equipment at our Dusavik base, then to Dry-Dock in Rotterdam. There is a lot afoot in Colorado at the moment, so I’m looking forward to getting off. Even though we’re not quite sure WHAT we’ll be up to during my months leave, it just seems like a fair bet that it’ll be a LOT of things and a busy time. 😆

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