As I mentioned before in my little introduction, I work on a cable lay and construction ship. We’ve been working in West Africa for the best part of a year now, and after projects in Mauritania and now Angola, our work-scope here is coming to an end. We’ll shortly be leaving African waters, via Ghana, and heading for the Gulf of Mexico. I have to say that I’m not disappointed about that. Although we haven’t had too many problems really, I’m afraid that working in Africa doesn’t have the appeal of the Gulf of Mexico, even though we are heading back there just at the start of ‘Hurricane Season’ Being back in GoM will also make things a little easier for me on a personal level (not, of course, that I’d let that interfere with my work 😆 ) Travel to Colorado will be a lot easier and there won’t be the necessity to return to the UK in between work trips and trip to see my wife All in all the projects in Africa have gone well, a fact that increases the likelihood of more work here. A double edged sword really, as more work is always welcome (for at least that keeps the wolf from the door) but I have to say that I’d prefer the work to be in GoM or Brazil, or the Philippines, or Australia…. 😉

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