Okay… I’ve only gone and done it… I’ve signed up with a new hosting company, and now I’m wondering what I’ve gone and done… 😆 I have two domain names: morrison.uk.net and alba-holistic.com well, the alba one is really Dazzle’s for her business I’ve already uploaded the alba holistic one and changed the DNS settings, now it’s just a case of waiting for the new DNS settings to propagate through the internet. SO, if you visit alba-holistic.com and see Hosted by: AZ-WebHost at the bottom of the menu it means that the changes have already happened. I did the Alba one first as it’s a small site, with no databases of it’s own (it does use databases for the ‘page count’ and the ‘users on-line’, but it gets those from the morrison.uk.net databases) so it was relatively easy to get transfered. There will be a lot of work to get the morrison.uk.net set up before changing the DNS settings, like setting up all the email addresses and transferring stuff from the databases (like the contents of this blog for example! ahahah) so I’m waiting to see that things are running fine for Alba, before embarking on that project. The good thing is that I do have until November to get it all done 😉

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