It’s been a while since I posted to the blog, and a lot has happened. First off, I left the boat and came back to Colorado in a bit of a hurry, as Dazzle was struggling a bit with everything that was happening there at the time. We had one of our court cases, the one where we were being sued. We lost it, although the Judge did make several points which will be useful in the next case! Anyway, we have now paid, and settled our differences with the person that was suing us, and who now seems to be very open to helping in a number of other matters. I think that although his priority was getting paid, he does somewhat see our side of the argument in many ways. Before I got back one of the little goat kids, Copper, died, another one, Poppy, has died since. A third seems to be very much ‘touch and go’. This third one seems strange as, although he is obviously very weak, some days he seems to be moving around all over the mountain relatively okay, the next day he is falling over all the time and can hardly get up. We have him separated in a kennel at nights so that he can rest and sleep without being pushed around by the other kids and we’re letting him wander loose to graze during the day. In the evenings, when I’m getting his kennel ready he usually wanders over and stands patiently ’til his bed is ready before getting into the kennel on his own. He seems to be quite happy with the arrangement. We’ve managed to shear all the goats but one. Hopefully we’ll get him done sometime this weekend. We are also working on getting the lower pasture fenced in. It is a lot of time consuming work as it’s very rough terrain and we do have quite a distance to cover. We have 400 ft of fence up already, and I’m guessing that that is probably not even 1/6th of what we want. We’ll be doing more of the fence tomorrow. So thats a potted update. more later!

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