Yet again it’s been a long time since my last blog post.

snorkel hot tub
Snorkel Hot Tub

In the last real post I was telling you about the new hot tub area that we had created. Well, it has been completed for now and our new Snorkel Hot Tub assembled and used over the autumn. Now that we are well and truly in the depth of winter we haven’t braved the snow enough to go for a dip, but we have occasionally had the stove burning to keep the temperature up. We’re looking forward to the spring and not having to dig through 3 feet of snow to get to it!
Other projects over the winter have included refurbishing the milk parlor, which now has metal siding and roof to match the other buildings.
Work wise, over the last six months or so I have been bouncing around various locations on-shore and different vessels off-shore, partly as my usual vessel, Skandi Seven is not too busy doing the type of operations that I am normally involved with, and partly because I have started the process of gaining US citizenship through naturalization.
This winter has been another long haul on the ranch with the weather being very cold and lots and lots of snow. The spring thaw will be very welcome, and already the planning for this year’s projects is in full swing.
One of the recurring problems that we encounter is that we seem to be too busy trying to get things done, that we don’t have time to enjoy them. That’s something that we want to endeavor to change going forward this year.

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