This was a story from earlier in the year that I remember reading and chuckling about at the time. For some reason, I stumbled across it again today.

Drones or UAVs? The search for a more positive name

Apparently, some people do not like it when their Hi-Tech ‘Unmanned Ariel Vehicles’ are referred to as ‘Drones’, as they feel that the term ‘Drone’ has negative connotations, presumably believing that it may result in a failing for them in the popularity stakes.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, a leading manufacturer of UAVs, went as far as to described the ‘Drone’ reference as having pejorative connotations’.

Really????? Your model line-up contains UAVs called, ‘Avenger’, ‘Prowler’, ‘Reaper’ and ‘Predator’ and you think ‘Drone’ has negative connotations???? If I was building shit like that, I probably would have paid a PR company to promote the term ‘Drone’


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