Well, some mixed fortunes at work in the last couple of day. The job has been going well and the ship is back in Niteroi for another load of anchors. We’ve been busy with our support work, but some how, I just don’t seem to be achieving much on a personal level 🙁 I think I’m suffering from “last week blues”, can’t wait for the days to roll round, then I can be off home to my wife 😉 . Spent some time yesterday up in the ”dome” (well, one of them!) on top of the ship. One of the satellite systems has been giving us a lot of problems, and I finally had the time to do some tests and have a proper look at it. That was one thing that did give me a sense of satisfaction, when I eventually found out exactly what was wrong with it. I have manage to repair a faulty part, which I should manage to re-fit tomorrow and have the whole thing running properly again. It was interesting, laying on my back (in the sweltering heat) inside the dome watching the dish zooming round and up and down trying to lock on the satellite. I think tomorrow I’ll take may camera with me and make a little movie of it! (doesn’t take much to keep me amused ❗ ) Having some debates on issues with the supervisor on the opposite shift and we’re not seeing eye to eye on some things. It’s creating a little friction which I could do without after six weeks away from home, but we’re all different people and we all have our own opinions on things. PS. I think the comment in the last entry about the better food on day shift may have been a bit premature 😕

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