Well, it’s been a couple of days since I put anything in here and in that time there’s been good news and bad news The good news is that finally the job seems to be going consistently well. We’ve put in a load of anchors, been back to port for another set and we’re in the field now throwing them in at an average of 8 hours each. 😥 The bad news is that I was due off the ship on the 27th, but owing to the proximity of “carnival season” here in Rio de Janeiro, getting flights in and out is a bit of a problem, so I’m having to do an extra week (well, 5 days, but it’ll feel like a week!) So I am no scheduled (and booked) on a flight home on the 3rd of march. That will be a 7 week trip by the time I get home, and although I don’t really like being away that long, it does make a big dent in my contract. (I have to work 183 day in the year to fulfil my contract.. any days over 183 are then classed as “Day-Rate” which means I get extra money for them, on top of my salary) It’s also good, as it’s a big chunk of days out of the country, which should help my tax status 😉 . I’m hoping this year, for the first time in 21 years working off-shore, I should be able to qualify for “seafarers allowance” in my tax returns, and get a chunk of my tax back. I’ve now swapped over to day shift. I was up for 24 hours covering nights and days, while the opposite shift had a crew-change, but now I’ve settled down into days, my body-clock seems to be a bit happier and I’ve caught up with my sleep.. in fact I feel almost human again.. Not only that, but the food seems to be better on day-shift too! hahah

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