Thats the first two weeks of my leave gone and I guess we’ve acheived quite a bit. We’ve had a few more people show some interest in buying our house and we’re waiting on word from one or two parties that seem to be really serious. One of the parties has even intimated that if they were to go ahead with it they would want to move in before christmas ❗ Dazzle had a craft show at the weekend, so with dropping her off and going back to pick her up at the end of it involved me actually out there driving her car on my own for the first time 😯 In between keeping up with keeping the house ready for viewing and other odd jobs around the house I managed to do another painting. Just a small one again, as I thought I only had one large canvas left. Of course, after I had done it I discovered that I actually had two big ones left, so I could have done a large version of it. It turned out pretty good I thought, and even halfway through it I was wishing that I’d just gone ahead and done it large. I’m in the office for a few days this week, all extra days now that I’ve fullfilled my contract obligations, so that’ll mean more money for the ‘house fund”, and wit the way thing look lke they might go at the mment we may need that soorer rather than later. 🙂 I should have another two and a half weeks of “leave” left and the end of that may be occupied with deciding what has to be moved from my office out to Buckie and what can be shipped to the US [b]if[/b] things happen when I’m gone next. Dazzle will have her hands full with organising the move, as well as getting things up and running in Colorado. When I go back to the boat it will be to carry on with the Chinguetti project in Mauritania, but while in the office just now they’re looking at details and vsia requirements for the next project in Angola. Another stamp for the passport. I thought my last passport was pretty good afte 10 years with work visa’s for USA, Australia, India, China and the Phillipines, but my current one is getting almost as good as it now has visas and stamps for USA, Brazil (a ‘temporary resident’ one!) Mauritaina and shortly Angola, and it’s only 3 years old!

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