I’m back on the boat again, and straight into it with project work. The current best guess is that the boat should be leaving Mauritania for the sail back to Newcastle around the 16th-18th of the month which means that we will be probably coming through the English Channel on Christmas day. At least if we are there, our mobile phones should be working and we can call home ❗ Of course, even once we reach Newcastle, I’ll still have about two weeks left of my trip to do, and it’ll be two weeks of seriously busy work. Products to load out, annual testing and certification on all the equipment and a change out of the main lift wire on the big crane. Just the way I’d choose to spend the New Year (not ❗ ) The last week or so of my leave was fairly quiet. I did get a second painting done (a bigger version of the one that I did earlier) which looked good when it was finished, but this seem to have gone a little off with it as it has started to dry. I should be able to tidy it up a bit once it’s fully dry though without too much problems. Two of our “pups” Saffron and Nutmeg were invalids for the last week as they had been spayed. They took a day or so to get used to being “cone-heads” but they soon got the hang of it and started using them as lethal weapons. They should have had their cones off yesterday, so no doubt I’ll be getting an up-date from Dazzle on how they are hadling themselves without their in built battering rams 😆 Today is also Dazzle and I’s 6th wedding anniversary. (so this trip is a clean sweep… anniversary, Christmas and New Year 👿 ) I think we’ve only managed to have one anniversary together, as I always seem to be coming or going around the 7th. 😥 I did take Dazzle to the Ballet for a surprise night out. She would have had another surprise night out, if the ticket company hadn’t ruined it by phoning her with a query about the tickets, even though I had deliberatly NOT put a phone number on the order, only my e-mail address! Still, she did seem to enjoy the Ballet!

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