Well, since my last post, I’ve been back in Colorado briefly and now I’m away again! In fact, I’ve been away for a while, nine days in fact. I’m in Darwin, Australia at the moment, where it’s a bit of a change from Colorado where winter is getting ever closer. Here, of course, it’s getting into summer. I had expected to be off-shore by now, but when I arrived, all keen for a crew-change, I was told that the job had been delayed for at least a week. Now I can understand, with my-self having traveled halfway around the world from Colorado, why I’ve been put up in a hotel (on pay) for a week. But it’s a bit surprising that other personnel from various parts of Australia have been kept here too! At the moment I’m scheduled to be joining the vessel on Thursday, so I’m expecting an update on that tomorrow or the day after to confirm or hear of further delays!
So, with having all this time on my hands it’s been an opportunity to a: catch up on my sleep, and b: do a bit of work on the on-line stores.
Melisa and I have had a revamp of the store as we had planned and they are now all accessible from the menus on both her, and my, blogs
Melisa’s blog is at albaranch.net while mine is at morrison.uk.net (but you know that already as you are actually here!)
Melisa’s blog has a ‘Shop Online’ menu item with a drop down for the stores; my blog has an “Alba Ranch Stores” menu item with drop down.