I’m still in Singapore working on the Sapura3000 crane barge. Things are progressing, though it’s still up in the air, it’s looking like we might even be finished by Sunday. I’ve all but given up on seeing the Singapore GP for a number of reasons. Although it’s a ‘street’ circuit, most of it is inaccessible to the casual public. You can get general access tickets, but they are all sold out, most of the grandstand tickets have been sold out and there only a handful left for the most expensive grandstands – $1300 a seat on raceday! Also, to recoup the costs of the GP the Singapore government have a hotel tax for the four days of the Grand Prix weekend; 30% on top of the room price for the hotels closest to the track and 20% on the other hotels. And the hotels themselves jack up the price. So, unless Subsea7 HAVE to put me in a hotel because they can’t get me flights, I’m not going to go out of my way to try to stay if we are finished early. Disapointed, but having to face reality!
Tomorrow I should have a better idea of when we will be finished on-board and then it will be up to Logistics to try and change my flights home (unless they want to keep me here on pay until the 23rd of October, which is when they booked my flights for originally! hahaha.