Okay, we’re now officially into the second half of the year, (and the last week of my current trip ❗ ) So how are things going ❓ Well, trip wise, I’m glad that we’re now in to the last week ❗ Soon I’ll get home to Dazzle and the puppies. I can’t wait to see her again 😈 , and of course, to see all the changes in the pups in the last 4 weeks. Pure’s were 10 days old when I left and barely had their eyes open and Abbeys were only 4 days old and did nothing but eat and sleep. I’m guessing that I’ll see a massive difference ❗ ( understatement, or what ❓ ❗ ) Year-wise, well at the halfway mark, again there have been big changes: 😀 Obviously we now have a lot of paws running round the house, up to 60 at the moment instead of the usual 12, temporarily at least ❗ 😀 We’ve had a trip to Colorado and become sort of ranch owners. (The first step in the retirement plan) 😀 Six months of the year gone and so far I’m about 17 days up on my contract, and with courses and steady work for the rest of the year I could easily be on for 20-25 extra days which does equate to an extra month and a halfs pay at the end of the year. 😀 I have managed to get another painting done, and maybe some more this leave. Who knows, I may even manage to frame some of them (but wait, thats getting into the plans rather than the acheivements 😈 ) 😀 There have been one or two updates to the Morrison web sites, ➡ 8) Colorado pictures on Dazzle and my pages, ➡ 8) Pup pictures on the Dogs own web site as well as Dazzle and mine (and it would be fair to say that there will be a lot more pup pictures before too long ❗ ) ➡ 8) We did finally get the basis of the “Grampian” web site up and running, though there is still a lot to do there over the summer. 😀 We got the kennel built for the pups, though I do wonder if I should count that yet as there is still some finishing off to be done. 😀 Dazzle got her new car (or “new” to her anyway ❗ ) I guess we HAVE had a busy year so far ❗

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