I see a light again. Today was the big day of the trip, when I finally got my travel details for going home. Of course, there is a down side (isn’t there always ❓ ) The down side is that I’m not getting home til sunday. I keep telling myself that it’s only 2 days away, but it still seems like an age ❗ I’ve also got a course starting on Monday, so I’ll only get a few hours at home before I have to leave again to get back into Aberdeen. Still, it will be worth it to spend that time with Dazzle and the pups. Things are busy on the ship, as we’ve started to de-mobilise the last project then we will be straight into some maintenace work on the equipment. Tomorrow I’ll be able to hand over the reins to the on-coming crew. So thats me, a “‘get up’ and a ‘get up and go'” ❗ By the time I finally get a night in my own bed I’ll have been away for five weeks, the first set of pups will be 7 weeks old and almost ready to go, even Abbeys pups will be almost 6 weeks old. I dare say that I’ll be taking a lot of photos of them before they find new homes ❗

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