Well, today is the last day of my leave, as I’m off to Norway tomorrow. 😥 It’s been a short leave, only 18 days at home, and of those, I was on courses for 6 of them. Thats meant less time with Dazzle and the pups but at least it should mean extra days (and of course money!) at the end of the year. I have managed to get a bit done around the house, though I didn’t manage to do another painting as I had hoped. Admittedly, it seems like most of the things I’ve got done have been in the last two days since I heard I was going away ❗ But the best news on the puppy front is that, last night a gentleman came ound and booked “Gimpy” who was the last pup that was for sale. So I’ll go away knowing that all the pups have new homes. So from friday night, after I’ve left, Dazzle will be down to the dogs we are keeping to keep her company.

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