Well, as you may have gathered from my last journal entry, I’ve now had my first full week on the boat again. 😯 It’s been quite a busy time, as we’ve finished one project, returned to port, demobilised it and have started the mobilisation for the next project. We’re in a bit of a strange situation at the moment, as the next project is for, and using equipment that is, under litigation with the client for this project. We have been told by our bosses to be on our best behaviour, but not to answer too many questions! We should be finished the mobilisation soon and then heading out to the field, which is 40 hours sail away. More importantly, Dazzle has been talking about, and planning, a short holiday for us soon! She has found a little chalet we can rent, where they don’t mind pets, in a very scenic area near Loch Ness. 8) So we should be able to pack up all the pups and take them for a bit of a cross-country adventure. The pups are a little under the weather just now, but hopefully, by the time our holiday comes, they’ll be over it and be fully inoculated so that we’ll be able to take them on lots of forest and loch side walks. I don’t know about the pups, but the big dogs would be absolutely ecstatic if they knew what we had in store for them! 😈 I’ve made up a long list of places that we could visit in the area and I’m hoping that (especially if the weather is kind) we’ll get lots of new and interesting pictures, both for the web site, and as inspiration for some new paintings 💡

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