RDP, or ‘Run Down Period’, as I’m now into the last few days of this trip. It’s been yet another full trip, ending now, with the end of one project, product trials for the next project and a visit to the dry-dock for the ship. The ship should be leaving the quay-side in just a couple of hours to go to dry-dock to have some service work done on it’s thrusters. After the dry-dock it will be starting it’s transit back across the Atlantic to Nigeria. I should be departing the vessel while it’s in dock to have my leave. I don’t know yet if I’ll have the full four weeks off, but I will be flying over to Nigeria to meet the ship when she arrives there, not, I must add, a trip that I’m really looking forward too. In the mean time I AM looking forward to getting back up to Colorado for a few weeks, even though I’ll have an extensive job list there! hahaha

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