Dazzle sent me a link to a website that had impressed her as it had a ‘Flash’ introduction. She’d asked if I could do something similar for some of our web pages. I remembered that the ‘Flash’ authoring software used to be produced by a company called Macromedia, but when I tried to find their web-site I was automatically re-directed to Adobe’s website. Checking out the Adobe site and the prices of the products, (especially their grasp of how to fleece UK customers:- Flagship product sold for $2500 in the US and £2350 in the UK, at today’s exchange rate that’s a mark-up of 92%!) I concluded that as Flash cost $700, that it would be some time the other side of never, before we had a flash intro to our web site. However, not being the sort to give up easily I ‘googled’ to try to find an alternative. I came up with an Australian product called ‘SWiSHmax’. I don’t know the full capabilities of either Flash or SWiSHmax, but the latter seems to do enough for my limited needs at the moment. Not only is it available as a free 15 day trial, but the registration fee for the full version is only $100, so I may actually be tempted to get it. Anyway, I’ve done a very simple intro for Alba Ranch here: Alba Ranch And a slightly more complex intro for the Wellness Center here: Wellness Center I’m now trying to work on another couple, before my trial period expires.. (grippit Scotsman to the last!)

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