The light at the end of the tunnel in my last posting seems to have flickered slightly ❗

The out-bound crew, at least those lucky enough ❓ to have been routed through that wonderful location known as London Heathrow, had a delayed flight which meant that the missed their connection in Lisbon. This means that they are now a day late in arriving in Angola. The knock on of this is that due to the limited availability of internal charter flight to take them to the port we use for the ‘surf’ boat means that they will be two days late in actually joining the Perseus.

All our home-bound flights have had to be re-arranged at short notice, meaning some changes to the routes. The big problem is of-course getting out of Angola. A number of major airline have flights to their various European hubs, but all only have one a day and they’re usually pretty full. My new route takes me into somewhat uncharted territory. Luanda-Lisbon (which I’ve had before in both directions) Then Lisbon-Newark, Newark-Houston and finally Houston-Colorado Springs. I’ve never been through Newark before, so it will be interesting to see how I get on at Immigration and Customs. I only have 1hour 30minutes there, but (having already checked) there is a later flight that I can make that still gets me back to Colorado Springs albeit later. So as long as I can check-in at Lisbon all the way through I should be okay.

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