It’s Sunday and I only have one full shift to go before I’m off the boat again. I have my travel arrangements for getting from Angola to Colorado. I should depart from the ship around Tuesday lunchtime, with the surf boat taking us to Soyo. From there we have a charter flight to Luanda. Then we have to check-in for our commercial flights, first to Paris, then on to Houston and finally Colorado Springs.

The potential crimp in the plan will be what happens with Hurricane Gustav. It’s currently a category 5 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, scheduled to hit somewhere on the Louisiana coast around the early hours of Monday morning (happy labor day 🙁 ) The effects of it may impact on Texas late on Tuesday and I guess that might have a knock-on effect on flights, but I hope not ❗

All being well, I should be in Colorado by Wednesday night. Lots to do there 😉

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