Dazzle and I have land in Colorado. If you know us, then you already knew that, if you don’t then you might have picked the fact up from earlier posts. Anyway, I just thought I’d mention it in case it wasn’t clear. In fact, the banner at the top of the page is a panoramic viewof our land and the surrounding area, stitched together from about 18 photographs. (by, the way, that’s Dazzle, just above the ‘m’ of ‘myBloggie’, not that you’re likely to recognise her from THAT photograph 😆 ) Back to the point… We’re intending to build a new home for ourselves there, a process which, although we knew would be difficult, is proving to have more pitfalls than we had originally expected. Dazzle has been wonderful in managing to put up with thing, organise and sort things out, while I, part-timer that I am, come and go as my work takes me about the world. I am now (effectively) starting my journey back to her, even though it’ll be about 10 days before I finally get there. I am hoping that this time I’ll be able to spend more time there than the last two occasions (in fact more time than the last two put together!) and that I’ll be there as progress is made. Dazzle and I are both into our arts and crafts, and one of her skills is hand spinning and weaving. (actually, thats more than ONE skill!) To this end, we’re looking and getting some angorra goats so that she can spin mohair. We’re also looking at getting other livestock, milk goats and chickens, a task that I suspect she will have acheived by the time I get back there.

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