It’s been over a week now since Dazzle went to the UK and I’ve been ‘in charge’ So far the only disaster is that one of the cats, Tom (the one I thought was the smarter one) has gone walk-about or worse. I haven’t seen him around for a few days now and I’ve looked high and low. So poor Gus is on his own at the moment. There was one other minor mishap. ‘Henrietta’ (Dazzle’s farm truck!) had been in the shop getting an oil leak repaired. When that was complete I had to go into town to collect her and fill up the water tank on her to get more water up to the ranch. I even remembered to check the fuel guage before leaving town on the way back up the mountain, but about 12 miles out of town she started missfiring and died as though she was out of gas. I called the mechanic and he and his wife came out to see what they could do. In the mean time several people stopped to see if they could help, the first being a State Trooper, who when told that my mechanic was on his way, left saying that he would check back in an hour and make sure that I’d go away safely. Anyhow, it turned out that I wasn’t out of gas but the HT coil for the ignition had failed. Well that was replaced and I was on my way again. I thing that while I was waiting there about 6 people stopped to ofer help and one other stopped to ask directions.. I guess that almost makes me a local now!

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