More importantly, I’m at the end of my trip offshore. Tomorrow I start the marathon journey back to Colorado and it’ll take me 40 hours of traveling. I’ll have been up for 10 hours before I even start my journey, so I’ll be one tired bunny before I see a bed again! It’s been a very busy and eventful trip, many of the things that have happened I haven’t noted here, which is ironic really as they’re exactly the sort of things I SHOULD be writing about. I guess I’m just too tired to bother! One good thing (that I WILL mention) the 11th was my ‘d-day’, day 183 of my contract, so I’m now on ‘double bubble’. The next time I return to the ship should be around the middle of December (I’m scheduled to do Christmas and New Year this year) for the transit back to the USA, so all of those days up til the 31st December will be a nice extra chunk of bawbees. Good for the house building fund! Maybe my next blog entry will be a little more informative, and not so long in coming!

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