Wow, it’s almost half past 2011 already, where did the year go?

I’ve had two trips offshore, one six weeks and the other almost 11 weeks. I guess that might explain why I feel tired. In the middle of what I hope will be a seven week leave, that should help redress the balance a bit.

Both, the better half and myself have been accepted for a big Art competition in Grand Rapids Michigan that runs from the  middle of September to the beginning of October. I’ve started work on my entry, more on that in my next posting

Dazzle got the Jag running for my birthday, but the long term prognosis is not good. Our V12 is currently a V9.5, and it uses almost as much oil as gas to get to town and back! Think we will sell it and try to get a different one later.

Jaguar XJS
Arty shot of Jag

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