Well, it’s 3am (Brazil time) and, as you might have guessed, I’m working night shift. Only a couple more to do though, then I’ll be swapping back on to days for my last week. The job is finally going well (touch wood) and we are at least seeing progress if not an actual light at the end of the tunnel. We should be returning to Rio before the end of the week to pick up some more suction anchor for installation. The job we are involved in at the moment consists of installing around 70 suction anchors on the sea-bed, in water depths of up to 1200m. These will be used later in the year for mooring two floating oil production vessels called Caratinga and Baracuda. The floating production units and the suction anchors are considered a more “eco friendly” solution, as once production has finished, everything, right down to the seabed can be removed in it’s entirity and even used again elsewhere. Feeling the cumulative effects of five weeks night shift now..looking forward to dayshift to get a decent sleep.. (and of course, the fact that I’ll only have a week to go! yipppee!

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