A little more about me (for any unfortunates who haven’t had the “privilege” of either meeting me or knowing me.) I work off-shore, and have done since I left I left college. Scary to think that those carefree student days are nigh on twenty years ago. (For anybody that’s arithmetically challenged, lets just say that my 40th birthday is now behind me ❗ ) So, I’m a little older and not a great deal wiser. I used to say to myself, “I gotta get out of this lark and get a real job”, of course, that’s changed now to “I gotta get out of this lark and retire!” Unfortunately, that’s still some way off, though, me and my good lady do have our long term plans. Dragging the posting back to the original subject, me. I’m working off-shore, as I said, currently doing a 6 weeks on, 6 weeks off rotation on a support ship which is working just off Rio de Janeiro. At the moment, me and my crew, are looking at the run down to the end of our trip away. Looking forward to getting back home, even though it may be colder, and having some quality time at home with my wife, which is the only thing that ALWAYS make this job worth while.

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