At the moment work seems to be getting as boring as reading my journal probably is ❓ We did have a flurry of activity tonight. The ship went into the platform and we got all geared up ready to go when suddenly… everyone lost interest and it was all cancelled. Well, not quite. We did go into the platform to get ready, but they had a problem with the winch on the platform that was to be used to pass the end of the riser over onto our winch. The weather at the time was, perhaps, a little on the marginal side but without the winch failure we would have been able to carry on. Unfortunately during the time that they were repairing the winch, the wind direction was changing to a heading that would be beam on to the ship pushing it against the platform. A case then of discretion being the better part of being sensible, and we pulled of to wait for the wind to change again, or the weather to come down some more. Other than that, it was yet another night of working through electrical preparation for one of the next jobs, reviewing the safety assesments of the equipment and doing planned maintenance 😕

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