Wow, has it really been so long since my last journal entry? We did manage to have some relaxing time after we got back from Colorado. Not only that, but we also went and bought a new car. Of course, the puppies seem to think that that was for their benefit! I even managed to get one or two jobs done around the house before having to leave again. I’m back on the boat in the Gulf of Mexico now, and that’s my first week in. The weather hasn’t been the best up to now, and we were wondering if we’d slipped through a black hole into the north sea as that’s what the weather has been like. Today has brightened up a bit and its now a bit more like what we expected, warmer, sunnier and calmer. All my colleagues have been asking about our time in Colorado, and if we really DID buy the land that I had been telling them about before we went. For the last week I’ve been able to tell them that the weather was much better there than here! Coming back to work was a bit of an effort. I really am missing my home. I’ve only had 20 days there since the middle of October, between work and visits to the US. Thankfully, though, I was with Dazzle for a lot more than those 20 days! I don’t think I would have been able to handle that much time away from her.

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