Well (literally!) today was a bit of a red letter day for Alba Ranch. At around 12:30pm, the Well Drilling Rig arrived. They set up, drilled the first forty feet and cemented in the casing. (this step is required by state law)

Drilling the Well
Drilling the Well

Then they got going with the drilling proper. We had to make sure that all the barn doors and windows in the craft shed were closed up as the amount of dust being thrown out was unbelievable. After a couple of hours Dazzle asked me to investigate the situation outside as she would have to make a mad dash for the Land Rover to head off back to town. I returned to inform her that there was no fresh dust being thrown out, but we did have water running down our mountain! Talking to Todd, the Driller, we found that we had a well with a good flow of water and he only had to go down 150 feet. The 150ft was a bit of a bonus as we had budgeted for up to 300ft, so hopefully we have at least one thing on the ranch that has come in under budget!

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